Download and extract the .cht file and put it inside the same folder of the rom, cheat file and rom names must be the same, open zsnes and on cheat option you will find the codes, you need to activate it.

Armuro Ray Infinite Energy

Armuro Ray Infinite HP

Bright Noah Infinite Energy

Bright Noah infinite HP

Hayato Kobayashi Infinite Energy

Hayato Kobayashi infinite HP

Kai Shiden Infinite Energy

Kai Shiden infinite HP

Kouji Kabuto Infinite Energy

Kouji Kabuto infinite HP

Ryouma Nagare Infinite Energy

Ryouma Nagare infinite HP

Ryuu Jose Infinite Energy

Ryuu Jose infinite HP

Sayaka Kyuu Infinite Energy

Sayaka Kyuu infinite HP

Sayla Mass Infinite Energy

Sayla Mass infinite HP


cheats = 11 

cheat0_desc = "Turn Count"
cheat0_code = "7E1006E7+7E100703"
cheat0_enable = false 

cheat1_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 1"
cheat1_code = "7E18060F+7E180727"
cheat1_enable = false 

cheat2_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 2"
cheat2_code = "7E18080F+7E180927"
cheat2_enable = false 

cheat3_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 3"
cheat3_code = "7E180A0F+7E180B27"
cheat3_enable = false 

cheat4_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 4"
cheat4_code = "7E180C0F+7E180D27"
cheat4_enable = false 

cheat5_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 5"
cheat5_code = "7E180E0F+7E180F27"
cheat5_enable = false 

cheat6_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 6"
cheat6_code = "7E18100F+7E181127"
cheat6_enable = false 

cheat7_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 7"
cheat7_code = "7E18120F+7E181327"
cheat7_enable = false 

cheat8_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 8"
cheat8_code = "7E18140F+7E181527"
cheat8_enable = false 

cheat9_desc = "Infinite Energy Ally 9"
cheat9_code = "7E18160F+7E181727"
cheat9_enable = false 

cheat10_desc = "Tons of Money"
cheat10_code = "7E1009:42+7E100A:0F"
cheat10_enable = false 


cheats = 5 

cheat0_desc = "255 Move"
cheat0_code = "CBBC-0DDD+CB8F-6408"
cheat0_enable = false 

cheat1_desc = "Infinite Actions (Doesn't Seem To Work For Enemies)"
cheat1_code = "DDA1-A7A6"
cheat1_enable = false 

cheat2_desc = "Get 65535 EXP From Defeating An Enemy"
cheat2_code = "DD29-6D08"
cheat2_enable = false 

cheat3_desc = "Get Max Cr From Defeating An Enemy"
cheat3_code = "DDC0-0F6D"
cheat3_enable = false 

cheat4_desc = "End Turn Or Move To End Battle"
cheat4_code = "50C5-A701"
cheat4_enable = false 


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